As men’s fashion evolved over history, the boutonnière, a french word for buttonhole, (flower in the lapel), by the end of the eighteenth century it was widely accepted that a man could dress with “attention to detail”. It was for this reason that many accessories were developed: tie pins, pocket squares, fob watches and cigar holders, the flower in the buttonhole of the lapel became the ultimate expression of bespoke dressing..

Over history, the boutonnière was worn by statesmen, warriors, poets and actors; What did these men have in common? They simply wanted to distinguish themselves from everybody else!


John F. Kennedy with Neal Borum, 1939

A man who wears a boutonnière on his lapel for any occasion, stands out from everybody else, expresses self confidence, exhibits his own personal style, class, individuality, and expresses he has no fear of being judged or observed by others regardless of his age or social status.

MY BOUTONNIERE represents the expression of mens luxury lifestyle and today the man who is impeccably dressed with My Boutonnière on his lapel expresses elegance and uniqueness, distinguishing himself without fear.


Oscar Wilde