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In History

The origins of wearing lapel flowers go back to the War of the Roses,1450's, when the Cavaliers of Lancaster and York wore their roses respectively, red or white on their armour indicating which side they were on. The modern metamorphosis began in the 1800's in London. George Bryan "Beau" Brummell was an iconic figure in Regency England and for many years he was the arbiter of men's fashion. He was known for his "Dandy" style. During this time the language of flowers became extremely important, so that so, men began wearing small bouquets to demonstrate their sentiments to the world. He is considered to be the first to wear a “boutonnière” on his lapel.
Oscar Wilde was also a lover of “lapel flowers”. In the Twentieth Century, a boutonnière often adorned Fred Astaire’s lapel on and off the screen, not to mention Cary Grant, the charismatic Gentleman wore them on his evening suits. Many Hollywood actors, like Sean Connery as James Bond wore a red lapel flower on his white dinner jacket. All these men had one thing in common; they simply wanted to Distinguish themselves from others. 
As Lord Brummel said “I sacrifice a rose every evening for my lapel…”
No sacrifices with My Boutonnière, they will always be fresh and of your preferred colour.
Antoinette Petruccelli, created her first flowers from left over fabrics from a fashion project in New York City. She gifted them to her friends and found that their response was intriguing and overwhelming. She decided to go a step forward when she made her way back to Italy in 2015. She began collecting silks from Como and created many Boutonnières in various colours and patterns. She then developed different Collections for different occasions: Elegant: Gala Events, Weddings, Classic: Business attire, Urban: Free time, Streetwear, Vintage: old ties recycled in lapel flowers, Precious: MyB is adorned with precious stones or with a silver or gold initial. Her Lapel Flowers are like small jewels, handmade by Florentine Artisans, so she decided to package them as so. Her Collections are not only for men but also for women who want to embellish there outfit; MyB may be worn on a scarf, hat or even shoes! 
Antoinette is part of this small lapel flower, there is a small oval tag attached to every MyB with her initials on it. 
My Boutonnière is entirely Made in Italy.