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About MyB

It’s My Boutonnière… Aphorism that indicates perfection, something to be proud of. Something that stands out for its quality and poetry, a flower to distinguish yourself. Attention to detail.

In fashion’s dictionary, the lapel flower is called, boutonnière.


In History

The simple beauty of a lapel flower The origins may go back to the War of the Roses, when the cavaliers of Lancaster and York wore their roses respectively, red or white on their armour indicating which side they were on. The modern metamorphosis began in 1800 in London. During this time the language of flowers became extremely important, so that so, men began wearing small bouquets to demonstrate their sentiments to the world. Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, is considered to be the first to wear a “boutonnière” on his lapel. Oscar Wilde was a lover of his “lapel flowers”. In the Twentieth Century, a boutonnière often adorned Fred Astaire’s lapel on and off the screen, not to mention Cary Grant’s who wore them on his evening suits. Many Hollywood actors, like Sean Connery as James Bond wore a red lapel flower on his white classic jacket. As Lord Brummel said “I sacrifice a rose every evening for my lapel…” no sacrifices with My Boutonnière, they will always be fresh and of your preferred colour.
A project by Antoinette Petruccelli, her flowers bloomed in Florence made intentionally to make the difference; during the day, in the evening, in your free time or on formal occasions, any time of day in whatever context, on casual jackets or sportscoats, on formal attire,on sartorial business suits, vests or coats, pinning it always above your heart.  A flower hand sewn by Florentine artisans, made in precious fabrics and beautifully boxed in the different collections. Entirely Made in Italy.